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What is the Alexander Technique..?

Shoulder pain,
neck pain,
tenshion (mental/physical ) …

These problems often hinder us from living everyday-life energetically and achieving what we want to do;

e.g. performance( playing instruments, singing, dancing..) , sports,

work in the office, speaking in front of people..

We tend to think that we “suffer from”  pains and tensions, but actually,

very often, we create pains and tensions by ourselves!

We do so unconsciously and  habitually.  

We created our habit of tensing up our body unnecessarily while we grew up, and now we are repeating this pattern unconsciously in our everyday life – it just feels normal to us.  Pains and tensions that we feel in our body are created by us repeating those habit unconsciously.

We , also, in our busy daily life, forget to be in touch with the sense of our body, until  our body send us message of pain, tension etc.

Alexander Technique will help you, through a gentle touch and guidance of a teacher, to come back to be in connection with your body, and restore  natural co-ordination of our body using our awareness, attention to our body.

I ( Sakiko ) will guide you step by step to be aware of this unnecessary

tension and to stop it.

In the lesson, I will guide you this process of awareness in the movement of sitting in and out of the chair ( chair lessons ).

I will also guide you how to rest your back in the lying down position.

This will help refresh you in your daily life too.

In the position of lying down where you have less effect of the gravity, you can more easily release your efforts.

If you are someone who wish to improve your performance,

you may say.. ” What I want to change is my performance, NOT how I sit and stand ! ”

I understand you. But, actually, the very habit that in your way of making great performance can be seen in sitting in and out of the chair,

and easier to access in this simpler state.

When you get more familiar with the lessons and your habit,

we can try using the principle of Alexander Technique in the moment of playing instruments, singing, dancing, etc.. but very often,

your performance will start to improve by taking usual Alexander lessons.

We created our habits over many years.

We need to take time to change this habit and restore natural balance of our body.

For this reason, repetitive lessons are very important.

In the process of learning you will start to :

–  feel lighter and easier in your body

–  feel more calm and stable mentally

– understand how you can pay attention to your body so you can move more easily.

If you have any interests in Alexander Technique,

It is a great idea to have a try  !

~ a trial lesson~ “ Discovering Your Possibilities  ” 

including :

– conversation on what you want to change and how

– 30 min experience of a lesson

In this lesson you will find out :

– What is your habit that interfere achieving what you want.

–  How you can change it.

You will have an experience of easier& lighter way of being.

You will be taller!

cost : 3,500 yen   ( 45-60 min )

place : Kyoto YWCA    http://kyoto.ywca.or.jp/access/

Booking by email or phone